Aaron at S’pore 'Fall in Love With Me' Promo Event (20140817)
Official event stills released by StarHub Entertainment // album

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Dedicated in bringing you the latest information and updates on Taiwanese singer and actor, Aaron Yan. To find out Aaron's latest schedule and projects, please check the blog's sidebar.

09/28 | 12:00 - 19:00 | Taipei, Taiwan | Details
[PERF] 2014 Choc Girls Collection (The 5th CGC)

10/03 | 18:00 | Taipei, Taiwan | Details
[PERF] Yu Da High School Freshers' Concert

10/04 | 13:00 | Kaoshiung, Taiwan | Details
[FANSIGN] Dream Mall

10/04 | 19:00 | Taichung, Taiwan | Details
[FANSIGN] Chung Yo Department Store - Block AB

10/05 | 14:00 | Taipei, Taiwan | Details
[FANSIGN] Xin Yi Vieshow Courtyard

10/18 | 17:00 | Marina Bay Sands, Singapore | Details
[PERF] 2014 a-nation Music Festival

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Type: Drama
Status: Completed
Released: 6th April 2014

Watch with English subtitles!


Type: Online Reality Show
Status: Completed
Released: 9th May 2014

Watch with English subtitles!


Type: Mini Album
Status: Released
Released: 30th May 2014

Buy "DRAMA" on iTunes!


Type: Mini Album
Status: Released | Promoting
Released: 27th June 2014

Buy "CUT" on iTunes!


Type: Micro-movie
Status: Aired
Released: 16th February 2014

Watch with English subtitles!

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