Aaron Yan with Puff Kuo once again; Hot dance with intimacy

Aaron Yan cannot seem to stop for just a moment. After the filming of ‘Fall in Love With Me’ has been completed, he focuses on promotional activities for his mini albums ‘Drama’ and ‘Cut’. Following the invitations to Tia Li, G.NA and Fujii Lena to collaborate in his music videos, this time round Aaron has invited Puff Kuo to star in his ‘No Cut (dance version)’ MV. Puff immediately questioned Aaron “Are you for definite?” twice. Aaron even said they’re “Bu Fu shu” (meaning can’t admit in being defeated) and have resulted in the fans to be in much anticipation.

Puff and Aaron both rose to stardom being part of their music groups. However, every time they come across to dance steps which they aren’t too familiar with, they’d peek at the other members and carry on dancing. Puff said: “After receiving this job, I’ve been cold-sweating. Why did they pick me? Out of the 3 girls in Dream Girls, I’m the one least talented in dancing.” She even reconfirmed it for the 3rd time causing Aaron to laugh and say: “I was also like this back in my Fahrenheit days. Dancing solo is very thrilling.” After seeing Puff to have danced very well just after 2 lessons, Aaron couldn’t stop praising her. He even revealed that the special guest for his “The Aaron Show” on 08/24 is Puff.

Since the two’s collaboration in ‘Just You’, a lot of memories have been left in the audience’s heart. Hence they’ve both even collaborated on filming a MV for ‘Unstoppable Sun’. There have been rumours spreading about Aaron will be stripping with only his underwear on in the MV. Puff added: “He loves stripping in the first place, so I’m used to it. I even asked him whether he wants to take his underwear off as well since he’s stripping to such degree already.” In the MV, there is a “shadow kiss” for everyone to anticipate for. It has been very hard to film the angles and the production staff even had to lend a hand on site. The efforts put into this MV should generate some talks after its premiere.

Source: Now News 20140818
Translations: www.dearaaronyan.tumblr.com

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