(Aaron featured in Artmi’s WB Update): It is rumoured that there’ll be something magical happening with Artmi tomorrow at 10:30. Stay tuned tomorrow!

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muiora: Hey! I just came by to tell you how awesome your blog is. It's so great that I wonder how I didn't come across to it earlier! I love Aaron Yan and your blog aserves this 'little' addicttion just right hehe THANK YOU ♥

N’aww thank you pudding, this message has definitely made my day! ;u;

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(Aaron’s FB Update): If you want to know how this world operates, go and watch House of Cards starred by Kevin Spacey. No need to be too shocked.

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rockpaperanchors: Hi, I'd like to ask since Arron's confirmed to be going to singapore for the awards thing on the 7th November, is he going to have an autograph session then?

Hello pudding, there is currently no official announcement or news released to say that Aaron will be holding an autograph session in Singapore. If Aaron does hold an autograph session after the awards ceremony, official annoucements will usually be made by HIM International Music. Keep checking their page, or maybe you could send them a message to ask. c:

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Aaron food tasting on “ONTV Popu Show” (20141017)
Watch full episode with English subtitles

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Anonymous: Hey Pudding, I was wondering if you know whether Aaron uses an iPhone 6 now? Saw him Holding One in a picture you uploaded. :)

Hello pudding, yes~ Aaron recently started using iPhone 6 Plus. When someone posts a status on Weibo, the type of device used to post that status is shown. Aaron’s Weibo posts from 10/10 onwards have been shown coming from an iPhone 6 Plus (here’s an example!).

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(Aaron featured in Artmi’s WB Update): Aaron Yan & Artmi’s behind-the-scenes exposed. When taking his break, Aaron became curious and looked at one of Keke’s collections inside her office. Aiyo, looks like he saw the Bolex 8mm film camera too. PS: It used to be called the 8mm Rolls-Royce back in the years!

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Aaron on “ONTV Popu Show” (20141017)
English subbed by dearaaronyan.tumblr.com

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Aaron confirmed to be attending The 19th Singapore Hit Awards Ceremony on 11/07
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Anonymous: Hello! I'm aayantime, I was in Changi Airport this morning to see Aaron! You can go to cutegirl315 to view it! go to 1:22 it's so funny haha!! have a good day!

Hello pudding, thanks for sharing and for sending Aaron off at the airport! c: Here’s the fancam video if other puddings want to watch it as well. Looks like it was really hot in Singapore, Aaron kept using his a-nation ID as a paper fan haha. He looked so adorable when he waved to his fans! ^^

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(Aaron featured in Lena Fujii’s IG Update): Went dinner after a-nation singapore #lenafujii #dinner #anation #singapore #aaronyan

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(Aaron’s WB Update): Happy Puddings Day! Thoughts of missing will drive our hearts closer.

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(Aaron’s IG Update): 1019 Happy Puddings Day HPD #Singapore airport going back to #Taiwan

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Dedicated in bringing you the latest information and updates on Taiwanese singer and actor, Aaron Yan. To find out Aaron's latest schedule and projects, please check the blog's sidebar.

10/26 | 18:00 | Kowloon, Hong Kong | Details
[FANSIGN] Aaron Yan's "Drama" Autography Party

10/29 | 18:30 | Taipei, Taiwan | Details
[PERF] CCU Halloween Concert

11/01 | 19:30 | Bei Lei Theatre, Guangzhou | Details
[FANSIGN] DRAMA & CUT Fans Meeting

11/07 | 19:30 | Suntec Centre, Singapore | Details
[AWARDS] The 19th Singapore Hit Awards

11/16 | 19:30 | Jiaozi Musical Hall, Chengdu | Details
[FANSIGN] DRAMA & CUT Fans Meeting

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Type: Drama
Status: Completed
Released: 6th April 2014

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Type: Online Reality Show
Status: Completed
Released: 9th May 2014

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Type: Mini Album
Status: Released | Promoting
Released: 30th May 2014

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Type: Mini Album
Status: Released | Promoting
Released: 27th June 2014

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Type: DVD Album
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Released: 26th September 2014

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Type: Micro-movie
Status: Aired
Released: 16th February 2014

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