Aaron’s LINE stickers now available for purchase!
Released by H.I.M. International Music on 20141002
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(Aaron’s LINE Update): My stickers have been released today~ Hurry and download them.

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Aaron Yan afraid his mum will worry for him; became emotional while opening up his heart

Recently, Aaron Yan along with his mum and Beatrice Fang went to record for a variety show “Kanabo SS小燕之夜”. When the show started, Beatrice told the MC of the show straight away: “I want to file a complaint! Every time I film with him, he’ll poke my nostrils.” Aaron replied: “It’s because she always uses her nostrils to act. Her nostrils are always facing the camera.”

The MC of the host asked Aaron if he talks to his mum on a regular basis, Aaron replied with seriousness: “Sometimes when I get home, I’ll head to my room without saying a word to my family. This isn’t because I don’t want to talk to them, but because I know they worry a lot for me. This career is so complex, the more I explain, the more they’ll worry for me, hence I chose not to speak about it.” Beatrice then pointed at Aaron and yelled: “Why are you crying!” It was because Aaron became too emotional.

Aaron’s mum expressed: “I’m always prepared to be the back-up for my son. I believe in the decisions which he has made as he has thought them all out beforehand.” One of the staff working at Aaron’s management company expressed: “Aaron and his mum get along like great friends. When she saw him cry, she became stunned because she rarely saw this emotional side of her son.”

Source: China Times 20141002
Translations: dearaaronyan.tumblr.com

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(Aaron’s FB Update): You’ll be able to see me dance during this Friday’s school event, as well as on Saturday and Sunday’s “The Aaron Time” DVD album fansigns! Come come!

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Anonymous: Hi the most awesome pudding can you help me translate the newtest news Aaron Yan post on his facebook hope can thak u so much because i cant understand chinese :)

Hello pudding, the latest post on Aaron’s FB is posted by his management company H.I.M International (it’s not posted by Aaron himself). Basically it’s just summarising the event details for his “The Aaron Time” DVD album fansigns to be held on the 4th and 5th October in Taiwan. If you want further details, come off anon and I can answer you privately, or you can find out the events’ locations and timings on the sidebar of this blog under Aaron’s ‘schedule’. c:

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Aaron at 2014 Choc Girls Collection Party (20140928)
Aaron adorably runs out of poses for the media photo session // video

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Anonymous: Hi there Zoe 🙌 I've seen your " Wow , Aaron has puddings from everywhere " comment , and yes he does !!! 😍😍Pudding from Egypt !! :) Yes Ah bu has tonss of fans here in the middle east .. Thanks alot for devoting a lot of time to create this wonderful Tumblr account just for Aaron ♡_♡ Lots of Thanks and love :)

Shout out to puddings in Egypt! ^^ It’s great to see Aaron has so many diverse fans. You’re welcome for my Aaron updates and I hope you’ll continue to enjoy them too. ;u;

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Aaron at VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out 2014 (20140927)
Official event video of Aaron doing the ‘catwalk’ with Tia Li

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(Aaron’s WB Update): To the dearest all, you’ve once again been blocked by a wall (Instagram), but don’t worry, because as many walls there are will still not be able to stop me as the unstoppable sun. Miss u all // Note: Aaron is referring to Instagram being blocked in Mainland China amid the Occupy Central protest in Hong Kong.

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Aaron at 2014 Choc Girls Collection Party (20140928)
Aaron doing the modelling performance with Mini Chang
Full event videos available for watch on YouTube

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(Aaron’s FB Update) plus shows his support for Hong Kong’s Occupy Central protest // Note: Today, one of Aaron’s friends, Anthony Neely publicly admitted that he got married in 2010 and already has a daughter.

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Anonymous: Just asking do you ever find Aaron's comments a bit annoying like the fact about Fahrenheit obv everyone knew that they weren't close but he didn't need to say that and Calvin said that he considered him a friend though. It's a bit mean~

Hello pudding, this is just my own opinion so don’t take anything I say too seriously.

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(Aaron’s FB Update): Dearest Gui, there are some feelings that are really heart-warming.

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Dedicated in bringing you the latest information and updates on Taiwanese singer and actor, Aaron Yan. To find out Aaron's latest schedule and projects, please check the blog's sidebar.

10/03 | 18:00 | Taipei, Taiwan | Details
[PERF] Yu Da High School Freshers' Concert

10/04 | 13:00 | Kaoshiung, Taiwan | Details
[FANSIGN] "The Aaron Time" DVD Album Fansign

10/04 | 19:00 | Taichung, Taiwan | Details
[FANSIGN] "The Aaron Time" DVD Album Fansign

10/05 | 14:00 | Taipei, Taiwan | Details
[FANSIGN] "The Aaron Time" DVD Album Fansign

10/18 | 17:00 | Marina Bay Sands, Singapore | Details
[PERF] 2014 a-nation Music Festival

10/26 | 18:00 | Kowloon, Hong Kong | Details
[FANSIGN] Aaron Yan's "Drama" Autography Party

11/01 | 19:30 | Bei Lei Theatre, Guangzhou | Details
[FANSIGN] Dual Face • Aaron Yan Fansign

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Type: Drama
Status: Completed
Released: 6th April 2014

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Type: Online Reality Show
Status: Completed
Released: 9th May 2014

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Type: Mini Album
Status: Released | Promoting
Released: 30th May 2014

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Type: Mini Album
Status: Released | Promoting
Released: 27th June 2014

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Type: DVD Album
Status: Released | Promoting
Released: 26th September 2014

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Type: Micro-movie
Status: Aired
Released: 16th February 2014

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