Official teaser for Aaron’s NO CUT mv dance version; to be continued …

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Aaron’s 2014 Mini Albums | Drama 領銜主演 : D R A M A //  C U T

official teaser for NO CUT mv dance version; to be continued …

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Aaron featured in promotional video of iGood
iGood is the official distributor of SETTV’s drama merchandise. Aaron’s related SETTV dramas include ‘Just You’ and ‘Fall in Love With Me’. Starting from 08/10, iGood will be auctioning merchandise and/or clothes Aaron has worn in his related dramas. The money generated will be kindly donated to charities.

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Anonymous: Hey, i live in England (Birmingham) do you know whats the best/cheapest site to buy Aaron & FILWM merch is?

Hello pudding, to buy Aaron’s related music albums you can check out the list of sites on Aaron’s discography page. If you ask me which is the best and cheapest site, I’d personally say it’s I used to always buy Aaron’s albums from YesAsia, but after discovering, I have ordered from them ever since. Their prices are so much cheaper and they provide quick delivery with a tracking code (if the product you want is already in stock, it’d arrive within one week’s time).

As for Fall in Love With Me, iGood is the official distributor for the drama’s merchandise. However, their main site does not provide shipping to overseas. So if you’d like to order, you’ll have to order from their official store on Taobao instead.

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Aaron Yan becomes topless to reveal his ‘chocolate abs’; Tia Li promises to show her ‘mermaid line’ if viewership rating breaks 3.00 record

Today, ‘Fall in Love With Me’ has held a celebratory event for the drama’s viewership rating to have broken the 2.00 record. Aaron Yan, Jack Li and Johnny Yang have been showing up their abs! When Aaron Yan took off his blazer to show his 8-pack, this has caused everyone to scream non-stop. He said: “To maintain my figurine, I’ve only eaten fruits from last night until now.” If the viewership rating continues to rise and breaks the 3.00 record, Tia Li has already promised to reveal her ‘mermaid line’. She laughed and said: “I’ve been training myself for 1.5 hours everyday, hoping I can show it to everyone when the rating breaks 3.00.”

'Fall in Love With Me' has broken another high record last week, grabbing the first place on the viewership ratings league table for straight 17 weeks! Today Aaron Yan, Tia Li, Jack Li, Beatrice Fang, Katherine Wang and Johnny Yang ate chocolates to celebrate. Aaron Yan, Jack Li and Johnny Yang first demonstrated using roller slides, followed by the female casts to sit on their backs. Aaron Yan said: “To maintain my figurine, I've only eaten fruits from last night until now.” Johnny Yang said: “I've only eaten breakfast, I didn't touch on other food.” Jack Li said: “After hearing about this event, I did not even touch on food.”

For breaking the 2.00 record, the guys have showed their abs. If the drama breaks the 3.00 record, Tia Li promised everyone that she’ll show her ‘mermaid line’. She laughed and said: “I’ve been training myself for 1.5 hours everyday, hoping I can show it to everyone when the rating breaks 3.00. Girls, we should all do this!” Beatrice Fang laughed and said: “I can show my tonsils.” Katherine Wang said: “You have the qualities, you can show off your bustline!” Beatrice Fang said: “Ever since having to sit on the wheelchair to film, I haven’t been to the gym much. I’ve slacked off and my weight has increased for about 1 or 2 kgs. I must start going to the gym again.”

Following on, Aaron Yan exposed some secrets. He said: “Tia keeps saying she’d like to get married when filming.” Tia explained: “I got affected by the drama’s storyline. On top of that, so many people have been getting married lately, so I would like to get married myself too.” Aaron asked her what qualities she looks for in guys and she replied: “Not too short, has a habit of doing exercise, it’d be even better if he has muscles.” Aaron said: “My dad has a lot of medical students, I can keep an eye out for you.” Johnny Yang who was standing by the side asked: “Do you have friends who are pilots? (pilot prounced as ‘ji shi’ in Mandarin)" Aaron laughed and said: "Ah Ji Shi? (a famous chef in Taiwan)" The two both laughed out loudly after that.

Source: WOW News 20140729

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Anonymous: Hello! Do you know if where I can find the music box version of Aaron's song 'That's Not Me'? It sounded so nice in his MV. Also do you know if they're going to release the instrumentals used in the 'Fall in Love with Me' drama kind of like the 'Just You' drama?

Hello pudding, the music box version of Aaron’s ‘That’s Not Me’ has only been used as a minor instrumental piece in the song’s MV itself. There is not an official instumental piece released for the music box version. As for Fall in Love With Me’s official OST album, you may still have to wait for a bit longer because the drama itself hasn’t even finished airing on TV yet. ><” But as a reference, Just You finished airing on TV in November 2013 and its official OST album did not get released until February 2014. Hope this gives you a rough idea of when the official OST album for Fall in Love With Me may be released! ^^

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Aaron featured in Tia Li’s Facebook Update (20140729)

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Aaron at 'Fall in Love With Me' Celebratory Event (20140729)
Aaron reveals abs to reward audience for high viewership ratings // watch

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Anonymous: LOL, I was reading your live twitter feed and I couldn't help but laugh.. Wasnt it Arron's idea to show his abs if the ratings went up? I was a little confused when you stated that you hated that the network was doing this to him. Just my opinion but I really think Aaron enjoys showing those abs off :) haha come to think about it maybe the event was a little disturbing, but I do so enjoy seeing those abs lol, my guilty pleasure....

Well, I was reading your ask and I laughed too because what I tweet on my twitter is just my personal opinion (my twitter feed is clearly listed under “personal” on my sidebar, so please don’t mind too much about my views because everyone has their own opinions). Yes, Aaron did promise everyone that if the viewership ratings reaches a certain level then he’d reveal his abs for everyone to see. But even if he didn’t, don’t you think SETTV would still request him (well not just him but probably also the other casts) to do something to ‘reward the audience’? This is just another way of promotion for the drama.

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Aaron at Dongshih Summer Festival (20140727)
Aaron dancing and singing to ‘No Cut’ plus his ballads // credits

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'Fall in Love With Me' viewership rating breaks high record; Aaron Yan will reveal abs to reward fans

In ‘Fall in Love With Me’, because Beatrice Fang’s character yearns to marry Aaron Yan, she hides away the truth of being able to recover fully if she puts effort into doing physiotherapy. To allow her legs to degenerate, she even refused to take her medicine. This has caused the audience to criticise ‘Fall in Love With Me’ as a lame drama. However, the idol drama’s viewership ratings did not go down because of this. The viewership ratings for last night’s episode has reached 2.16 (total of 105.6 million people have watched last night’s episode). Hence tomorrow Aaron Yan, along with Jack Li and Johnny Yang will be keeping their promises and will be revealing their abs to reward the audience.

In the drama, Beatrice Fang’s character has been shouted at for numerous times. However, she expressed: “If in reality I come across to such situation, I will give up on the relationship and leave myself.” When Aaron got asked about whether he’d choose to marry someone who he doesn’t like or would he choose to elope instead, he answered: “I will chose to elope. I cannot accept terms exchanging, I will sacrifice for love.”

Source: Apple Daily 20140728

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(Aaron’s FB Update): Education is the basis of everything. It determines a society’s height, depth and stabilises a population’s confidence for their future. The teachers also carry great responsibilities on them. Regarding the current unpredictable forecast of the education system policy, the insufficent supporting measures provided for the students are causing them to be like headless flies, and teachers are even more helpless.

After seeing the report today of no one to take over the Minister of Education’s role, in my mind I thought, education is something that must have complete planning and must be able to withstand steadiness. Even if it’s the summer holidays right now, but is the direction plus future of the students and teachers really worth such time-consuming wait?

I belong to the first group of students to have experienced the restruction of school entrance exams. We’ve all referred ourselves as “guinea pigs” back in the time. During that period, a lot of people could only face the change with concerned and frustrated minds. There was also a policy called “multiple entry” at the time, which had allow the idea of “famous schools” to be demolished. This was already about 10 years ago. Not sure if the juniors now still worry over the khaki and green coloured uniforms. Do they still believe even drawing and playing soccer could grant them a better future? Seeing such stagnation used to torture the students, parents and even the teachers’ will, could there be a much more enthusiastic move towards this? Just want to remind, even if filled with dreams of fighting spirit and blood, these could still be doused. Please do not keep dragging this on.

All that I’ve said above is just my personal opinion. I just don’t want to see a lot of people to be unable to see where their efforts are being placed. Be concerned, but do not lose confidence. For the many students who are facing this issue, I want to tell you all, during that period I also had to find an exit under unstable conditions. I even once thought of giving up, but that was only a thought, I did not let it convince myself because in my mind, there is a much more powerful belief, which was “you will only be given an opportunity to become different through perseverance”.

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Aaron’s 2014 Drama | 愛上兩個我 ♥ Fall in Love With Me

lu tian xing enjoys his breakfast (ep06) ◆gifs by dearaaronyan

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Aaron’s 2014 Drama | 愛上兩個我 ♥ Fall in Love With Me episode 17

Parts ► [ one | two | three | four | five | six ]

Holika Holika; behind the scenes

Eng subbed version will be available on Viki tomorrow; 07/28
(Puddings who can’t access subbed episodes on Viki or DramaFever, you can watch alternatively on MyEntertainmentHall or GoodDrama with eng subs, they tend to update every new episode slightly later on in the week)

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Dedicated in bringing you the latest information and updates on Taiwanese singer and actor, Aaron Yan. To find out Aaron's latest schedule and projects, please check the blog's sidebar.

08/16 | 14:00 - 16:00 | Taipei, Taiwan
[FANSIGN] Fall in Love With Me Novel Fansign

08/16 | 19:00 - 22:00 | Hsinchu, Taiwan
[PERF] Environmental Protection Concert

08/24 | 19:00 | Taipei, Taiwan

09/13 | Tokyo, Japan
[FANMEET] Japan Album Release DRAMA & CUT

09/14 | Nagoya, Japan
[FANMEET] Japan Album Release DRAMA & CUT

09/15 | Osaka, Japan
[FANMEET] Japan Album Release DRAMA & CUT

09/20 | Putrajaya, Malaysia
[AWARDS] NTV7 Golden Awards Ceremony

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Type: Drama
Status: On Air
Released: 6th April 2014

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Type: Online Reality Show
Status: Completed
Released: 9th May 2014

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Type: Mini Album
Status: Released
Released: 30th May 2014

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Type: Mini Album
Status: Released | Promoting
Released: 27th June 2014

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Type: Micro-movie
Status: Aired
Released: 16th February 2014

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