Anonymous: hey pudding do u have any idea will aaron be cming to sg or any videos of him in sg THANKS =)

Hello pudding, please check Aaron’s latest schedule on my blog’s sidebar. ^^ Aaron currently don’t have plans to go to Singapore. The last event which he has attended in Singapore was on 27th January in 2013 to hold an autograph session for his The Moment album. Here’s a fancam of Aaron at the event on the day. c:

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Aaron featured in his mum’s Weibo update
Photo taken when Aaron and Mama Wu went to record for Stylish Man - The Chef

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angelinna-ballerinna: hi! have you seen aaron yan's current drama "fall in love with me?" if so, i was wondering if you could help me find this song that is played on episode 7 time 39:00. i LOVE that song and i cant find it anywhere !! i've tried looking through aaron yan's music (since he sings most of the songs in the drama) and i just can seem to find it. can you help me? it would mean the world ! xie xie ^-^

Hello pudding, the song you’re referring to is called 沒規矩 (Unlimited) sang by Aaron. ^^ I’ve previously posted an audio post of the song here! The song is included in Aaron’s DRAMA mini album, you can purchase the individual track from Aaron’s iTunes, track 4. If you would like to purchase a physical copy of Aaron’s DRAMA mini album, you can check out Aaron’s discography page to find out where to buy it from. Hope this helps!

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Filming on a typhoon day; Aaron Yan is like a gardener protecting flowers

Undefeated by the wind or rain, ‘Fall in Love With Me’ continues shooting for its outdoor scenes. The night before last was a ‘typhoon night’, Aaron Yan was busy ‘saving’ the chairs placed in his balcony, as well as the two pots of Plumerias (worth 2 meters high each) that was placed at the top floor of his house. He laughed and said: “I carried the two plants all by myself and placed them under the shelter. I then used ropes and tapes to secure them. Hence other than filming on a ‘typhoon day’, I was also being a part-time gardener.”

Source: UDN News 20140724

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Aaron’s 2014 Drama | 愛上兩個我 ♥ Fall in Love With Me

lu tian xing becomes upset (ep16) ◆gifs by dearaaronyan

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Anonymous: Hi pudding, good morning!! ( Malaysia time). Everyone I would like to say, give a big applause to pudding who is dedicated to bring Aaron Yan to us!!! Actually, I am not. Into Fb, Ig, etc . Bcoz, im bz wit daily works.. Bla.. Bla.. I jz read Aaron fb satus on ur blog, about what have happened to the Malaysian Airlines. Hmmm.Well, life has to go on. I found a fancam which filmw cast watching epi 16 with fans. Do u have the subbed video?P/s: sorry If too long... =)))

Hello pudding, good morning to you too! Thank you so much for your appreciation for this blog. ^^ Yes, Aaron does care a lot about things which occurs around him and I’m pretty sure he pays a lot of attention to the news as he always seem to comment whenever something big happens. You’re referring to the 'Fall in Love With Me' LIVE Watch Gathering event which Aaron has attended last Sunday right? I have seen some fancams on YouTube, but the voices weren’t that clear in the videos so I’m not planning to sub them. ;A;

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(Aaron’s FB Update): TransAsia Airways. Hoping for disasters to be kept to a minimal. To the unfortunate passengers and crew members who have passed away, RIP. Really don’t understand why they can allow the plane to take off under such weather conditions?

Note: This is Aaron’s response to a plane belonging to TransAsia Airways which has just crashed in Taiwan due to the adverse weather conditions caused by Typhoon Matmo.

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Fall in Love With Me official novel and merchandise set released today (07/23)
Aaron will be holding an autograph session on 08/16 for the novel
(limited to 50 attendees; must have tickets)
Novel details and where to purchase

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Anonymous: Have you ever seen Alice in Wonder City? If so, is it good? Do you recommend it?

Hello pudding, I would recommend any of Aaron’s dramas because he has put efforts into each and every one of his character roles. Especially Alice in Wonder City because it was more of a ‘mature drama’ than a typical lovey dovey idol drama. I have watched the drama myself and it’s more like watching a movie than a cute love story tbh. The drama talks about 4 characters searching for their dreams and Aaron’s character is one of the 4. Aaron has learnt some basic violin skills for the filming for Alice in Wonder City and has also challenged himself in portraying a deep role which he hasn’t portrayed in his other dramas. Unfortunately, the drama didn’t get the good ratings which Aaron had in his mind in the first place which caused him to shed tears at one point. :c

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一刀不剪 (No Cut) Japanese Vers. Teaser
炎亞綸 (Aaron Yan)
878 Plays
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(Aaron’s FB Update): Typhoon day, everyone be careful. Currently filming@@

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AARON X FRIED CHICKEN PARTY ◆edit by dearaaronyan

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Aaron’s 2014 Drama | 愛上兩個我 ♥ Fall in Love With Me bts

aaron’s ophidiophobia (phobia of snakes) ◆gifs by dearaaronyan

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Anonymous: Hi it's me again(the one who asked abt the song ji mo ji mo jiu hao). Uhhh sorry i thk it's in an insomnia concert that he sang this song but I don't know in which stop. But am pretty sure he sang this song. Thank u. Ohh btw I want to thank to admins for their gud job. Ji xu nu li ba! Jia you.

Ahh yes pudding, you got mixed up with Aaron’s Insomnia Concert. ^^; Aaron’s insomnia concert asia tour has been held in 10 different countries within Asia so he has sang Hebe’s 寂寞寂寞就好 more than once. The clearest versions I can link you (from YouTube) is when he sang it at Hong Kong and Guangzhou. c:

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Dedicated in bringing you the latest information and updates on Taiwanese singer and actor, Aaron Yan. To find out Aaron's latest schedule and projects, please check the blog's sidebar.

07/26 | Shanghai, China
[PERF] Zebra Music Festival

07/27 | 19:00 | Chiayi, Taiwan
[PERF] Dongshi Summer Festival

08/16 | 14:00 - 16:00 | Taipei, Taiwan
[FANSIGN] Fall in Love With Me Novel Fansign

08/16 | 19:00 - 22:00 | Hsinchu, Taiwan
[PERF] Environmental Protection Concert

08/24 | 19:00 | Taipei, Taiwan

09/13 | Tokyo, Japan
[FANMEET] Japan Album Release DRAMA & CUT

09/14 | Nagoya, Japan
[FANMEET] Japan Album Release DRAMA & CUT

09/15 | Osaka, Japan
[FANMEET] Japan Album Release DRAMA & CUT

09/20 | Putrajaya, Malaysia
[AWARDS] NTV7 Golden Awards Ceremony

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Released: 30th May 2014

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Released: 27th June 2014

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