(Aaron’s IG Update): It’s been a long time since playing #chess

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Aaron misses ‘Fall in Love With Me’ x feels bad for often arriving late for filming

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fmfgt: Hello :) Can i know if you've any idea if Aaron is still in Bali? I'm heading there for a holiday this afternoon! Would be glad if he's still there. Just curious, how did you find out where he went? :) PS: Thanks for the constant updates, really appreciate it!

Hello pudding, you must have visited my personal twitter to ask me this? ^^;; I’m not entirely sure whether Aaron is still in Bali, but he should be back in Taiwan already since he has started to update his social media accounts after 4 days of inactivity. I managed to find out because a pudding on Weibo has discovered the resort which Aaron was staying at during his time in Bali, based on the holiday pics which he has posted on his Facebook and Weibo.

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(Aaron’s FB Update): There has never been an end to the world’s disputes. The main point is to find time for your inner peace and space amidst the disputes!

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Anonymous: Have you met Aaron in person? Does he know about you running this blog for him? Aaron must be very greatful for having an overseas pudding like you. Likewise iam greatful and thankful as well, i was able to understand Aaron and always keep updated on news about him.

Hello pudding, yes I have met Aaron in person before but nope I don’t think he knows about me running this blog for him. ^^;; And you’re very welcome for the blog updates~

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(Aaron’s LINE Update): Long time no see. Good luck with going back to school.

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(Aaron’s WB Update): Life’s amazing. Life is full of surprises, so enjoy it.

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meihuan1991: Hey Pudding, I am from Germany and I love your hard work! I wanted to ask if you know whether it is possible to get more Information about Aaron's Heme products and if it is possible to purchase them from Europe? Thanks and 加油!

Hello pudding~ For more information about Aaron’s endorsed Heme products, you can head over to Heme’s official website and Heme’s Facebook page. I have previously helped an overseas pudding to ask whether they would ship their products internationally but the reply Heme gave me was that due to international shipping regulations, they cannot ship internationally. However, their products are available in stores over in Asia (Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Singapore) and Canada, click here for more information. If you ever plan to visit those countries, maybe you could pop into one of the stores listed on the page to purchase the Aaron endorsed Heme products. ^^

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[Teaser] Aaron for S.POP September 2014 Issue No.20
To be released 09/02; 3 covers available Aaron x Beatrice x Tia

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(Aaron’s FB Update): Others capture me in the wild, I capture wild hermit crabs. Humph!

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(Aaron’s IG Update): The best #meal I ever had #amazing

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joonieo: can you please list all of aaron's album? and if it's possible, a download link with each of them?

Hello pudding, check out Aaron’s discography page! ^^ I’ve listed down all of Aaron’s solo albums (plus individual songs) and have provided a list of websites to buy each of the albums.

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[Teaser] Aaron for S.POP September 2014 Issue No.20
To be released 09/02; ‘Fall in Love With Me’ Special

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Dedicated in bringing you the latest information and updates on Taiwanese singer and actor, Aaron Yan. To find out Aaron's latest schedule and projects, please check the blog's sidebar.

09/13 | Tokyo, Japan | Details
[FANMEET] Japan Album Release DRAMA & CUT

09/14 | Nagoya, Japan | Details
[FANMEET] Japan Album Release DRAMA & CUT

09/15 | Osaka, Japan | Details
[FANMEET] Japan Album Release DRAMA & CUT

09/20 | 20:30 - 23:30 | Putrajaya, Malaysia | Details
[AWARDS] NTV7 Golden Awards Ceremony

09/28 | 12:00 - 19:00 | Taipei, Taiwan | Details
[PERF] 2014 Choc Girls Collection (The 5th CGC)

10/18 | 17:00 | Marina Bay Sands, Singapore | Details
[PERF] 2014 a-nation Music Festival

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Type: Drama
Status: Completed
Released: 6th April 2014

Watch with English subtitles!


Type: Online Reality Show
Status: Completed
Released: 9th May 2014

Watch with English subtitles!


Type: Mini Album
Status: Released
Released: 30th May 2014

Buy "DRAMA" on iTunes!


Type: Mini Album
Status: Released | Promoting
Released: 27th June 2014

Buy "CUT" on iTunes!


Type: Micro-movie
Status: Aired
Released: 16th February 2014

Watch with English subtitles!

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