Aaron’s Speedy Q&A Challenge @ MeRadio
What animals would Aaron use to describe Puff and Tia?

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Anonymous: AWWWW its so kind of u. Thanks a lot for the hard work(the aaron show). Feel so blessed to have bumped in such a dedicated aaron fansite. Thank u once again

Ahh you’re welcome pudding! I’ve been going through each of the fancam videos myself after creating the post and I felt like I’ve actually attended the show. *u* Aaron sung the acoustic versions of ‘Unstoppable Sun’ and ‘The Only Rose’ so beautifully~

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Aaron Yan quick ask quick answer session; Puff Kuo is like an octopus?!

Popular ‘God’ Aaron Yan visited Singapore to promote ‘Fall in Love With Me’ earlier. He accepted MeRadio’s ‘quick ask quick answer’ challenge. When he got asked about what animals he’d choose to describe Tia Li, the female lead of ‘Fall in Love With Me’ and Puff Kuo, the female lead of ‘No Cut’ dance version MV, Aaron unexpectedly replied Puff is like an octopus, the reason behind is because……

Aaron has received many votes in a poll of which celebrities the audience think would get into a quick marriage. He has been training hard for his body lately and he’s getting fitter. He bluntly said the guy who he thinks has the most perfect muscles is himself. This fit body mustn’t be wasted! As to whether he’d release a ‘full-on naked’ photobook, quickly click on the video to hear what Aaron has to say!

Watch the video here.
(Note: Will post up translations/sub Aaron’s quick ask quick answer video later)

Source: MeRadio.sg
Translations: dearaaronyan.tumblr.com

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THE AARON SHOW : Full Song List x Videos (Fancams)

Hello puddings, I have received several anon asks asking for more videos of The Aaron Show so I’ve decided to make this post. Below is the full song list (in order) of the songs which Aaron has sung on the night. Media news reporters were only allowed to film the show live up until Puff’s appearance, hence there are no news clips of Aaron and Tia’s duet. I have tried my best to source the videos to each of the songs, they are fancams shared by puddings on YouTube. I hope you’ll find this post useful! ^^

  1. Opening VCR
  2. Entertainer (大智若娛)
  3. The Unwanted Love (多餘的我)
  4. No Cut -feat. Puff Kuo- (一刀不剪)
  5. Unstoppable Sun (擋不住的太陽)
  6. The Only Rose (唯一的玫瑰)
  7. It Will Be Fine (好像對他說)
  8. Medley:- Talking to the moon, 我要快樂, 傻子, California King Bed
  9. That’s Not Me (這不是我)
  10. Rooftop -feat. Tia Li- (屋頂)
  11. Taipei Dreamin’ (台北沉睡了)
  12. Unlimited (沒規矩)
  13. Kidnap Love (綁架愛情)
  14. Starting From Now (現在開始)
  15. The Next Me (下一個我)
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Aaron at THE AARON SHOW (20140824)
Aaron is “cute and beautiful” to match Puff’s “sexy and handsome”

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Anonymous: Hello~ I was just wondering if it is true that aaron yan and puff guo did film a music video for the unstoppable sun? Thanks :)

Hello pudding, yes it’s true that Aaron and Puff has filmed an MV for ‘Unstoppable Sun’. If you’ve managed to read this article, the MV has been premiered for its first time yesterday to the fans who attended The Aaron Show. ^^ Here’s a full fancam of the MV taken yesterday by a pudding (you may need to have a weibo account to view the video). And no, the MV hasn’t been released online yet, will post it up as soon as it has been released.

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Aaron at THE AARON SHOW (20140824)
Aaron and Tia’s duet of ‘Wu Ding’ (orig. by Jay Chou x Landy Wen)
Aaron cracks his voice because he couldn’t reach the chorus’ high key

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Aaron Yan has the pleasure of working with Tia Li and Puff Kuo; the two ‘goddesses’ appear at “The Aaron Show”

Aaron Yan sang many of his albums’ hit songs today (08/24) at his “The Aaron Show” mini concert. Due to Aaron’s busy schedule of having to dedicate time to filming ‘Fall in Love With Me’ in the earlier months, fans did not have many opportunities to listen to Aaron sing live except during his albums’ autograph sessions. Hence the mini concert today has been held to satisfy fans’ needs. Aaron has invited Puff Kuo to be a performing guest at the mini concert today. The two danced ‘No Cut’ together, Puff expressed: “I was so nervous and was worried I’d get my steps wrong!” On the other hand, the second guest was Tia Li. Both of the Dream Girl ‘goddesses’ showed their support for Aaron, causing fans to cheer! Aaron has had the pleasure to work with both of the girls, the production staff laughed and said to him: “If Emily Song (the 3rd member of Dream Girls) was to be here, then you’re really the ‘killer’ of the goddesses!”

Aaron danced to ‘Entertainer’ and ‘The Unwanted Love’ for the mini concert’s opening to get everyone hyped up. Aaron said: “Ever since my Fahrenheit days, this is my first time dancing and singing to so many songs.” Puff unexpectedly appeared for the 3rd song ‘No Cut’ causing the fans to scream non-stop. Puff expressed: “I’ve just got off the plane and rushed here. I was worried that the plane would be delayed causing me to be late for this performance. I was already trying to memorise my dance steps on the plane because I’ll have no time to practise once I get off!” Despite having conjunctivitis, Puff still went on stage to perform. Therefore Aaron thanked her greatly, but he didn’t forget to tease her by saying: “I’ve invited her to dance with me because she really is the worst dancer within her girl group.” But Aaron also added to say he’s also the worst dancer in Fahrenheit. Having collaborated in ‘Just You’ together, Aaron and Puff’s love relationship in the drama has left a deep impression in audiences’ minds. They are also very good friends off-screen. Today ‘Unstoppable Sun’ MV has been premiered to the fans who were at the “The Aaron Show”. Aaron wore his underpants to film the MV with Puff, causing the fans’ to blush and their heartbeats to quicken!

On the other hand, Aaron’s co-star in ‘Fall in Love With Me’, Tia Li specially went on stage to give Aaron flowers, to wish him success for the mini-concert. The two girls have generated some topics amongst Aaron’s fans. Before Tia appeared on stage, she spoke “Guess who I am?” in a funny voice from behind the stage. She added “I’m the person who you are strong enough to pick up.” Aaron laughed and said: “It can’t be Beatrice Fang then.” Tia hasn’t been feeling very well lately, she immediately thanked Aaron for introducing her to see a doctor when she went on stage. She also disclosed that Aaron is someone who likes to listen to old-school songs, causing Aaron to immediately sing Lee E-jun’s ‘Sha Mo Ji Mo’. In the end, Aaron and Tia sang a duet (‘Wu Ding’) together. Aaron told the fans: “This part isn’t in the rundown list.”

"The Aaron Show" has attracted many fans to come and see Aaron. Other than singing, Aaron also interactive with the fans. The fans who have downloaded HIM’s LIVE APP and imitated Aaron’s expression in his "The Aaron Show" poster were able to have a chance to have photos taken with Aaron in the back stage. Limited posters were also given out and Aaron helped the fans to sign, it was just like a fans party!

Source: WOW News 20140824
Translations: dearaaronyan.tumblr.com

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Anonymous: Hello :) May i ask where can i find the second part of " The Aaron show " When Tia Li showed up ? Thanks in advance and thanks for uploading the first part of Aaron with Puff :) :D

Hello pudding, the first part of “The Aaron Show” is released by WOW News. Hence I didn’t upload it, I only shared the video. I’m unsure of whether WOW News would continue uploading the full show because they’ve stated on their FB page that they’re only going to upload that particular vid. Meanwhile you can check out this video playlist of “The Aaron Show”, the videos are uploaded by Nagootv media on YouTube. I’ll add more to it once there are more related videos released. Keep checking the playlist. :>

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Aaron Yan and Tia Li sing a duet together; Sung in low key and broken voices to make fans happy

Aaron Yan held his “THE AARON SHOW” mini concert tonight (08/24) at ATT SHOW BOX. To reward the fans, Aaron invited two “Goddesses” Puff Kuo and Tia Li to be guests for the mini concert. Even though the two girls belong to the same girl group, but they did not take a group photo together.

Aaron sang and danced to 3 songs for the concert’s opening: ‘Entertainer’, ‘The Unwanted Love’ and ‘No Cut’ (danced with Puff Kuo). The microphone which Aaron was using encountered some problems, but it did not lower Aaron’s charm while he performed on stage. When he finished dancing, he laughed and said: “It really isn’t an easy job for singers who have to sing and dance at the same, because there are ‘crisis’ everywhere!”

When asked about inviting Puff to be in his ‘No Cut’ dance version MV, Aaron smiled and said: “Because she’s the worst dancer in her girl group, so I invited her to give her more confidence.” When the two danced together on stage, they even managed to do a ‘fake kiss’ causing the fans to be hyped up. Puff expressed she was very nervous, worried she may not dance very well, but the fans screamed “Sexy Girl” to support her.

On the other hand, Aaron’s co-star from ‘Fall in Love With Me’ Tia Li also appeared on stage to give flowers to Aaron. She disclosed that Aaron had always loved singing old songs when they were filming on set: “I was shocked by him when he sang those songs, such as Jonathan Lee’s ‘Gui Mi Xi Qiao’ and Coco Li’s ‘Zhen Qing Ren’.” The two cued themselves to sing ‘Wu Ding’ on stage and fans praised Tia for her robust performance. Aaron then made the fans happy by intentionally breaking his voice and lowering his key when he got to the chorus of the song, which generated in a lively atmosphere.

Source: ETtoday News 20140824
Translations: dearaaronyan.tumblr.com

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Aaron at THE AARON SHOW (20140824)
Opening 25 mins recorded live stream for Aaron’s mini concert today ‘The Aaron Show’. Within the first 25 mins, Aaron sang and danced to his songs of Entertainer (大智若娛), The Unwanted Love (多餘的我) and No Cut (一刀不剪). Puff Kuo also appeared near the end of the clip as Aaron’s mini concert guest and danced ‘No Cut’ with him.

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(Aaron’s FB Update): Are you ready!? Come to the show.

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Anonymous: Can I ask if Aaron and GNA have ever sung 1/2 live together?

Hello pudding, no Aaron and G.Na did not sing a LIVE version of 1/2 together. G.Na has only flew to Taiwan to attend Aaron’s DRAMA album release press-conference back in May, but they did not sing the song live at the event. After the event, G.Na has flown back to Korea and she didn’t attend any other Aaron events.

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Dedicated in bringing you the latest information and updates on Taiwanese singer and actor, Aaron Yan. To find out Aaron's latest schedule and projects, please check the blog's sidebar.

09/13 | Tokyo, Japan | Details
[FANMEET] Japan Album Release DRAMA & CUT

09/14 | Nagoya, Japan | Details
[FANMEET] Japan Album Release DRAMA & CUT

09/15 | Osaka, Japan | Details
[FANMEET] Japan Album Release DRAMA & CUT

09/20 | 20:30 - 23:30 | Putrajaya, Malaysia | Details
[AWARDS] NTV7 Golden Awards Ceremony

09/28 | 12:00 - 19:00 | Taipei, Taiwan | Details
[PERF] 2014 Choc Girls Collection (The 5th CGC)

10/18 | 17:00 | Marina Bay Sands, Singapore | Details
[PERF] 2014 a-nation Music Festival

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Released: 30th May 2014

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Type: Mini Album
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Released: 27th June 2014

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